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Make a Donation 


The majority of our funds are raised through charitable donations and gifts.


With the help and support of our generous donors, we are able to make substantial difference to the lives of orphaned children and families of the little ones who have been left to put up with a fight of survival due to the death of the bread winner of the house.


  • You can make a one off donation make to our charity online by a Direct transfer to the Charity account or through our My Donate account access.


  • Alternatively, you could consider making a donation through PayPal by clicking on the PayPal icon below.


Bank Account Transfer

Account       : Hope Fountain International

For Account Details kindly request by email to    

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Donate while you shop


You can donate whilst you do your shopping by signing up on give as you live. Give as you live will have different shops online which you can choose from and after paying for your shopping, a certain amount of money will be removed from the money paid already and donated to Hope Fountain International.

Below is the link to sign up on Give as you live:

Thank you for your generous support.

Set up a standing order


If you would like to support us through regular giving and on-going support either monthly, or quarterly, please do complete our Direct Debit mandate and Gift aid form, downloadable by clicking on the link below.


By committing to giving a regular amount of at least £12 a month, you will be helping us guarantee an orphaned child's education for at least a year and also help us plan for the future.

Click the logos below for our Direct Debit and Gift aid Forms 



Direct Debit Mandate
HFI Gift Aid Form
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