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What We Do


Hope Fountain International is a Christian-based charity which aims primarily to assist children and young adults who have lost the support of either one or both of their parents or guardians.


Hope Fountain International's primary focus is to provide assistance with Education, specifically  providing the needed funds to help orphaned children pay through their early years in school. The funds provided generally cover tuition fees, stationary costs and individual needs for the duration of their studies.


Our work also includes providing material, financial and emotional assistance where possible to these most vulnerable of groups. Although we are still committed to assisting orphaned children through a variety of means, our main objective is to see these young people empowered and able to break free from the poverty cycle through education and training for self empowerment.


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How We Started


Hope Fountain International was founded by Mrs Marian Rondora Mujana in October 2006 following the tragic death of her husband, Richard in June 2005. It was during that ordeal that Marian began to think of ways that she could help others who had experienced a similar tragedy.


Being left with four children, Marian was unable to continue in advancing her course in Computer Aided Design (Civil Engineering), to take on their care. It was at this time that Marian experienced the unusually kind and touching gesture of a very special couple in her church, who having learned of her situation, offered to take care of the children financially.


The devastating loss of her husband combined with the way her heart was so touched by the unexpected gesture of that amazing couple, led to a deep desire to help others that had been through a similarly painful and life-changing experience.


Marian Rondora Mujana


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